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Case Study

Case Study

Subject Site:

Garden Grove Custom Single Family Detached Home


This lovely and spacious Garden Grove home shatters the typical idea people have when they think of a panelized home. This particular project is a great example of the versatility and depth and breadth of services ABI is capable of performing.

Client Desires:

-Fast move in.
-Highest quality materials.
-Superior craftsmanship.
-Save money and create equity.
-Minimal impact on neighborhood and environment.
-Precise and high quality home.
-Virtual tour with high-resolution rendering.
-Less stress.
-Documentation and accountability for contractors.


-Efficient construction.
-Minimal waste.
-Energy efficient.
-LEED Certified Building.
-Air tight structure.
-Strict adherence to plans.
-Exact position of building relative to property line.
-Being on time and on budget.


-Minimized risk (job site safety).
-Avoid Delays (change orders, onsite theft, shortage of labor).
-Minimal labor (less risk, less cost, less insurance costs).
-Meet or exceed OSHA Standards.

How ABI Delivered On These Desires

We were able to meet and exceed the desires of the client by first modeling and framing the home in a complete 3D virtual environment according to the structural and architectural plan. This 3D model allowed the client to have a virtual walkthrough of their house including hi-res modeling and color printouts. This gave the client a real and intimate feel of how their home will be built and helped with furniture planning, interior decorating and landscaping.

Often times these plans don’t align causing issues, however we were able to discover and address these issues with a mouse click instead of a hammer and saw. All Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP) considerations were analyzed for clash detections and conflicts were resolved by sending detailed shop drawings to all subcontractors involved before even the foundation was laid.

Then we take the model information back to the site and use a robotic Total Station to ensure the proposed home matches with the site layout. This allowed us unprecedented ability to ensure plans match the physical site and vice versa. We were able to pinpoint the exact location for the property corners, anchor bolts, plumbing, hold downs, strong walls, etc.

Panels, roofing and floor trusses were manufactured in a controlled environment in only days. Our factory can produce over 5,000 linear feet in a 8-hour shift. A typical home of 900 linear feet can be produced in only hours. Our automated process allowed us to frame faster and with less skilled labor and less risk, then these savings were passed onto the client. Since the home was constructed so quickly the client didn’t have to incur additional costs from carrying the loan, labor costs, liability and insurance costs, and more.

We only used the finest kiln dried lumber (Type 1) because it offers the highest quality and straightness giving our machines the best conditions for a truly superior product. Panels were packaged and delivered with considerations for site access, site layout and neighborhood disturbance. Panels arrived in sequence enabling the fast and efficient assembly and we never delivered panels that weren’t ready to be assembled.

This massive and complicated 12,000-square foot custom home was assembled in less than a month whereas a standard home could be assembled in only days.

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